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Stoneybrook’s finest, ranked from worst to best. Claudia Kishi forever.

Buzzfeed has truly outdone itself. This is the best thing ever.


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i want dinos

The Year Kenny Loggins Ruined Christmas by Allie Brosh is probably still the funniest thing to ever be published online

  April 23, 2014 at 05:35pm


Why the hell does Dick Grayson look like the villain from Lazytown now?

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no-respek said: AGenT gRAYsON oH MAn

why would you even say those words to me

when I first read about agent grayson I 100% genuinely considered the notion that the New 52 is just one big performance art piece

but no

here we are

living in the fresh hell that is dc comics

  April 22, 2014 at 08:01pm

fourofthem said: his new origin story is like the new 52 in a nutshell

destruction of any sense of family or love? check

a previously happy-go-lucky character turned into an empty hull of angst? check

ORPHANS?????  check

sounds about right

no-respek said: BUT WHAT ABOUT THE sEaRCH fOr roBIn?? ? ??  ?? ?

no it’s okay because he’ll only be Robin for about 4 months before he and Harper Row (who he is in a romantic relationship with) are caught in some massive TIME EXPLOSION which sends him back to the future but somehow manages to kill Harper

but wait there’s more

a year from now, DC will have another HUGE IMPORTANT UNIVERSE ALTERING EVENT in which all the villains literally join together in a transformers-esque mech and try to destroy the world

BUT when all hope seems lost and the only hero still standing is Batman, a mysterious someone swoops in and slashes the mech in half with a TIME LASER oh my god who it could it be IT’S BAR TORR AND HE’S  A MUSCLE-Y ADULT WITH A 5’O CLOCK SHADOW AND A BRAND NEW SHINY COSTUME WITH A BUNCH OF LINES AND SHIT ON IT OH THANK GOD WE’RE SAVED CUT PRINT BEST SELLING COMIC OF 2015

  April 22, 2014 at 07:49pm


WHAT EVEN IS THAT OH MY GOd I’m laughing my ass off

he’s an orphan now jfc yes of course he is why wouldn’t he be

and you know what happens to orphans in the DC universe

Bart Allen/Bar Torr is the next Robin I’m calling it now

  April 22, 2014 at 07:23pm

Kid Flash’s new origin story is later given in Teen Titans #25 and 26 (December 2013, January 14). His real name is explained to be Bar Torr, having been sent to the 21st century as part of a witness protection program ahead of his trial for terrible crimes.[48] A feared reactionary from a dystopian alien world Altros Prime in the far future, Bar Torr was the son of a religious couple who were murdered by the Purifiers, agents of the oppressive regime of the Functionary. An orphan, Bar managed to put his sister Shira into the care of a nunnery after many brutal years spent protecting her. Too young to kill any Purifiers himself, he joined their ranks instead. Following a space ship crash while smuggling contraband for the Purifiers, Torr discovered that by unknown means he had acquired healing abilities and incredible super speed, which he later used to get bloody revenge on the Purifiers, sending a message of hope to the oppressed people of his homeworld. He later assembled an army of reactionaries and began a full-scale rebellion against the Functionary which lasted many years, until members of his rebellion seriously injured an older Shira, who grew up on the side of the Functionary. This prompted Bar to turn himself in. Seeking penance, he promised the Functionary he would take down his own rebellion from the inside. While the prosecution assembled its case against Bar, he was sent back to the 21st century with a new personality and new memories, as Bart Allen, and only a lingering feeling that he was pursuing redemption.[49] In the present day, in the wake of an attack on the team by Johnny Quick of the Crime Syndicate, the prosecution retrieves Bart and brings him and the team to the future once again, where he awaits trial, and his friends learn of his past atrocities.

What have they done to you bby? (source)

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Fix it! Do it! Accidentally unscrew it! It’s time to fix things with Soos!

I can’t get enough of the terrible after effects

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literature meme (origin): 5/8 short stories series. a series of unfortunate events, lemony snicket.

"The world is a harum-scarum place."

"Harum?" Sunny asked.

"It’s complicated and confusing," Olivia explained. "They say that long ago, it was simple and quiet, but that might be a legend." (from The Carnivorous Carnival)